2014 Unveiled – Part Two

The second set of photos from the 2014 Unveiled event are from Eddie Judd. I know I am a very lucky Miss Bush not to have just one amazing photographer but two on hand for such an eminently pretty event.

Eddie has seen Miss Bush at work from the first ever shoot at Fetcham Park (click here) to being client side as bridesmaid to her sister Chrissie – a Miss Bush bride this year. Perhaps the greatest achievement for all photographers (and my tongue is firmly in my cheek here) is to get a photo of me where I am not gurning, don’t have my eyes shut and look passable for my age and condition! Importantly I must not want to erase the photo for eternity too. In an industry where we are surrounded by the young & the beautiful daily it’s good to see a bit of crinkly, curvy just in case you think we’re all body fascists!


I was delighted to be joined at 2014 Unveiled by Stephan Bishop. Stephan has been in wedding world as long as Miss Bush and has just set up the eponymous Stephen Bishop Suiting. Steve is great fun, thoroughly professional, dapper of course & committed to quality & client service. A very natural fit within the Miss Bush circle of love!

MOBs often ask me where to go to get Occasion Wear and I have been trotting out the name Riva in Cobham for years based on the recommendations of my bride’s Mums. To make 2014 Unveiled appealing to Mums as well it was high time I hot footed to Cobham to introduce myself to Vivienne, owner of Riva. How I got out of the shop without some lace shift dresses I do not know!  Although Vivienne is old enough to be a MOB – her daughter is getting married next year – she certainly doesn’t look or dress like it! A comfort to all of us who think MOB-wear is a sartorial wilderness.


Below left is is me, Emma, flanked by Jade in the glorious blue & ivory Maggie Sottero dress called Hudson & Ellie in a cobalt blue bridesmaid from JLM Occasions.  I really want to thank Carolanne Armstrong for our make up & Sharon Roberts of Wonderful Wedding Hair for our ‘do’s’. They were so busy all day, mobbed in fact, giving free hair & make up mini trials that none of the photographers could get in their room to take photos! Take note brides to be – book them early!

Below right are some of the Miss Bush Team. Left to right – Emma Tallick, Saturday Sales; Cathie Farthing, Social Media Marketing & one half of Little Miss Bush; Tegan Buxton, full time sales & stylist and the other half of Little Miss Bush; Gina Cooper, Senior Saturday Sales & sometime production intern.

See the Little Miss Bush ‘Burgundy Rehab’ shoot here 


Whilst I can’t physically drag the murals & the splendour of Parallel Venues’ Fetcham Park to Ripley I did have the lovely Laura Caudery & Frances Edwards in attendance spreading the word about their venue. Seeing them interact with brides that have  booked them I wonder how they are going to keep up with all the friends for life they are making. I think a couple marrying or partying at Fetcham Park  have the most personal, tailored, considered service that I have ever seen.


Sunday was a good idea of mine made great and possible by all the wonderful suppliers with their talent & magic.

I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and their ability to perform a reasonable Gangnam Style dance at the after-party

All my love


Emma xxx

View the full gallery:


View the full list of suppliers who exhibited on the day here.


Emma Meek, Director, Miss Bush Bridalwear
Miss Bush Bridalwear is Surrey’s leading designer bridal boutique

2014 Unveiled – Part One

I have an unnerving habit of turning any occasion into a bit of a photo shoot.

The Bride & Glory Master class bought us this – click here!
A wedding showcase at The Talbot produced this – click here!
A launch of JLM Couture gave me these – click here!

I promised Juliet and Eddie Judd, the two photographers invited to meet the 2014 guests, that there was “absolutely no need for lots of photos.”  Although they could they bring their cameras…

A warm Bank Holiday Sunday of almost perfect proportions,  not too hot to keep brides sunning themselves in the garden, meant Deborah & I could through open the doors of Miss Bush, The Chapel & Nest and welcome our guests in a balmy alfresco atmosphere. The brief to all my collaborators was ‘do what you brilliantly & what you predict as trends to watch for next year.’

All images © Juliet Mckee Photography


Gayle Evans of Bloomingayles, one of the UK’s most sought after young florists, simply floored me again by bold peonies, poppies, & roses the colour of fruit salad chews. So bright & perfect I had to convince one or two visitors that they were real. Quirky topiary & macrame hanging planters pulled the look into psychedelic realms & kitsch sea shell planters & whitewashed snake-skin means I will never presume to brief Gayle again. The flame haired genius is crazy talented!


If you ever think I am a bit handy with graphics, up with trends in social media and am inspired to do hand illustrated stationery then I must confess that it is Leah Spicer who designs my event stationary, graphics & blog. Leah’s day job is wedding stationery, if you want absolute custom coolness then call her immediately before I monopolise her completely!

5 6

Above are enchantingly cute ceramics by Jayne Dunleavy of Rainbow Celebrations. Beware brides – Jayne started off at Miss Bush as a customer and has ended up working with us. Juliet‘s stand is pictured above, if you love these images, bearing in mind that this is NOT a shoot then call her about wedding photography. Now…

7 8

I was very keen for The Chapel to be open on Sunday because Gen (my Mother & fellow director) & Janet (our Production manager) are so key in the progression of a brides wedding dress from start to finish & it is, to the best of my knowledge, unique to have these kind of facilities in-house. Lots of brides, Mums & friends chatted through how the technical side of Miss Bush works. I think it is crucial to see where money for fittings goes, the labour intensity involved & the commitment to customer care.


Nest Home & Cafe is gorgeous in every sense of the word. Lovely coffee & cake. scrummy paninis – I simply do not know how Ripley survived before they opened. Deborah’s exquisite taste is now available as a Wedding List! Called Nesting it offers a unique, personal service for brides & grooms.

The flowers in Nest were by Fairynuff Flower‘s own Steph. Equally as talented as Gayle with a completely contrasting style Steph’s brief & speciality is big, blowsy  English garden flowers. the heart wreath on the door was magical on its own!

Fittingly the mellow sugared almond palette was the perfect setting for Creative Candi to show their new Gourmet Popcorn buffet alongside their established sweet buffet. If you haven’t tried goat’s cheese popcorn you haven’t lived. Delish’!

Two new taste sensations greeted me at Leslie’s Cakes. Leslie, the eponymous owner, is American and has that crisp, polite gentility that makes me think she has a home in The Hampton’s. The cakes were heaven – seriously squidgy, not too sweet & addictively original. Vanilla & Passion Fruit? Yes please – daily! I also had a blackcurrant macaroon. I think I picked purple because there was more of them. I could have picked any colour taste & delicacy wrapped up in a picture perfect wedding centrepiece.




View the full list of suppliers who exhibited on the day here.

Check back tomorrow for more photographs from the day from Eddie Judd Photography.


Emma Meek, Director, Miss Bush Bridalwear
Miss Bush Bridalwear is Surrey’s leading designer bridal boutique

The 2014 Video Unveiled

I love my team of collaborators. It’s not like I don’t know they are brilliant. However, when I watch this short trailer by John Harris   I marvel, not only at their fabulous creativity, but at their willingness to give their all for Miss Bush & our brides.

On a warm Bank Holiday weekend 45 brides, their Mums, grooms, bridesmaids & besties were treated to showcases, demonstrations, tastings & impromptu trying on sessions. The buzz was friendly, fun & informal. The verdict from all the team was “when is the next one?”

Video – John Harris Wedding Films


Image – Eddie Judd Photography

Emma x

Emma Meek, Director, Miss Bush Bridalwear
Miss Bush Bridalwear is Surrey’s leading designer bridal boutique

Parallel Venues: Exclusive Wedding Venues with a Difference

Parallel Venues Fetcham Park Cams Hall Miss Bush Bridal 2014 Unveiled_002
Image – Eddie Judd Photography

When you search for exclusive wedding venues, you may not see Fetcham Park and Cams Hall listed in the results near the top. We’re there, but we’re also the new kid on the block, meaning that although both our houses have a combined history spanning 600 years, there have only been a few weddings held within these historic walls during that time.

As the oldest newbie taking part in 2014 Unveiled, Parallel Venues are delighted to be given the opportunity to personally meet couples and hear all about their wedding plans for the day. Unlike many other established wedding venues, we’re breaking the mould a little bit by trying to offer a service that is tailored to you and your wedding, as opposed to demanding that your plans fit into our packages and way of doing things.

It became apparent when launching our wedding venues and planning my own wedding that although the wedding venue is perhaps the most crucial piece of the planning puzzle, it is rarely ever the easiest or most flexible aspect to pin down. As such, we decided that we wanted to do things differently.

Parallel Venues Fetcham Park Cams Hall Miss Bush Bridal 2014 Unveiled_003
Images – Eddie Judd Photography

My principle for Parallel Venues is the same one that has guided my family’s business for over sixty years, one that I get endlessly teased for repeating but it’s never let me down: I will only work with people that I know, love and trust!

When you book at Fetcham Park or Cams Hall, we like to think of you as becoming part of the Parallel Venues family and adding to the legacy of these great houses. As such, some of the things you can expect from us that make us a truly unique and exclusive wedding venue include:

  • From your first viewing through to your wedding day, you will be working with the same dedicated members of Parallel Venues staff.
  • Laura Loves, our version of a recommended supplier list, is available to all our clients and we will endeavour to make suggestions based on what we believe will best suit your style and budget.
  • We don’t endorse or recommend suppliers that we have not worked with and we don’t take commissions from any of our suppliers.
  • There are no ‘set packages’, each wedding is truly bespoke.
  • There is no ‘minimum spend’.
  • We do not charge corkage.
  • Our pricing is transparent and as concise as possible so that you can plan your day, your way, with a full understanding of the costs involved. VAT is always included in any venue price we quote and we have a range of payment options to be as flexible to your needs as possible.

Parallel Venues Fetcham Park Cams Hall Miss Bush Bridal 2014 Unveiled_001

We can do this because we are an owner-managed venue, so can afford to have a greater investment in our clients. We care about every detail – whether it’s saving the cork from the bottle of champagne you first sipped from as husband and wife or packing up the bride’s belongings in the dressing room so she doesn’t have to at the end of the night, we really do like to try and think of everything!

On your wedding day, you are the main act. Parallel Venues’ supporting role is to provide a spectacular backdrop for you and your guests to enjoy as your own home for the day. With a little bit of care and attention, we can help you create a truly memorable wedding and we take pride in being different from other pretty houses.

– Laura Caudery, Director of Parallel Venues

The Chapel Unveiled

I asked Leah , our graphic designer and wedding stationer for 2014 Unveiled, to produce a map for Sunday so you don’t miss any exhibitors. One line from her email resonated with me

“I also have absolutely no idea what’s occurring in The Chapel”

I have realised for  a long time that The Chapel is a huge selling point for Miss Bush. It is the reason our dresses fit so well. It houses extremely talented & dedicated seamstresses, pattern cutters, beaders & finishers. In fact all the team that will translate you whims or weight loss into a stitch perfect dress. It is usually private – seeing some of the alterations in progress would alarm some brides. Imagine if you saw the sleeves off your jacket or your bodice off your skirt? It’s akin  to a horror film dismemberment!

On Sunday the doors will be open & I have strong armed Gen & Janet to (wo)man The Chapel. Typically they are not going to sit in the sun with their feet up. They are going to be cutting patterns & in their words doing odds & sods. They will be available to explain the dark art of fittings and alterations. I hope that you will see that alterations & their cost are not stitch ups.(Pun anyone?) I aim for you to see that sewing is a dark art practised by a highly skilled & dedicated women and is a fundamental part of your dress experience. Unless, suddenly, all brides become wealthy enough to have serious couture – £20k a dress serious – or utterly standard – made of plastic standard – the skills & services of our team are, simultaneously, a luxury & a necessity.

Bush Chapel 1

Photo efc photography

Bush Chapel

My snaps


The Chapel is a must see. I will have dresses on mannequins so Janet can explain for example, the difficultly of a lace hem, beading over side seams, taking out zips on bias cut dresses and the myriad of technically challenging jobs our team undertake. They are also very lovely and you should meet them!

Emma Meek, Director, Miss Bush Bridalwear

Miss Bush Bridalwear is Surrey’s leading designer bridal boutique



2014 Collections: Jesus Peiro

This gallery contains 12 photos.

I can’t promise many pieces from the Jesus Peiro 2014 collection as they were on the catwalk last night for Barcelona Bridal week. However I *may* have been given a sneak preview & I *may* have advance ordered some to … Continue reading

WIN your Save the Date cards from Golden Apple Designs!

Good Morning guys and girls! I hope you’re getting excited as I am about this fabulous event. I’ve been a busy bee working on my new design ranges which I will be giving you a sneaky preview of on Sunday prior to the official launch on Tuesday.

There are some fantastic competitions and offers up for grabs on the day (£1000 towards your wedding dress anyone?) so I decided to get into the spirit of things and create one of my own.

So here it is… come along on Sunday and tell me what your favourite design range is, and I’ll enter you into a draw to win your Save the Date cards absolutely free!

Image – Juliet Mckee Photography

Save the Date cards are a great way to get the ball rolling and give your guests a bit of a sneaky preview of what’s in store, and they’re especially important if you’re planning a Summer of Bank Holiday wedding, to ensure that your guests keep the weekend free. The prize will cover up to 65 A6 single sided Save the Date cards and envelopes from my design ranges, including 6 new ones that I’ll be showcasing at the event.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and chatting about your ideas!

Leah x

Leah Spicer is the owner of Golden Apple Designs, a wedding stationery design studio based in Leicester, creating stylish, modern, unique and contemporary wedding invitations and stationery using hand drawn illustrations, typography and graphic design for brides and grooms throughout the UK and beyond!

Rainbow Celebrations – A Sneak Peek

Good morning everyone!

Just a brief post today to say we can’t wait to see all you lovely brides and grooms this Sunday.

It really is shaping up to be a very fabulous event indeed. Everyone at Rainbow Celebrations is looking forward to the day – so much so that we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek of a special little gift for all the lovely brides!



I’m sure that by the time Sunday is over, you will all have a full checklist…!

Rainbow Celebrations

2014 Collections: headpieces by Natasha Jane

As some of you might guess I am an ageing rock chick. I still have not managed to ditch the largely black wardrobe. Today I am sporting some age inappropriate patent DM boots and a skirt that is rather too short.

Imagine my delight when a proper young rock chick (that would be Natasha) shows up at my shop – all sorts of cool – showing intricate headdresses with a personality all of their own. The delight has shot off the scale now – for what would a punk princess want on her wedding day more than a few glamorous studs?

New for 2014 Natasha Jane has reinvented sparkly headpieces mashing up classic & modern influences. The collection is called The Goddess. Find your inner goddess on Sunday when you can try on, and even order, a hot off Rock My Wedding hairpiece. Sharon Roberts will be on hand to show you how to wear it & I will be around to… well… mostly I’ll be dressing up in the one called Chara! The one with the studs of course!

Top left: The Chara, top right: The Hera Gold, bottom left: The Kalista, bottom right: The Athena

Visit www.natashajane.co.uk to view the full collection and don’t forget to register your place for 2014 Unveiled to come and try them on for yourself!


Photographer – Holly Booth
Make-up Artist – Heather White
Hair – Martin & Jess at Hedshed
Models – Chelcie Gascoigne & Isabella Roberts

Cheekily swiped from Rock My Wedding


Emma Meek, Director, Miss Bush Bridalwear
Miss Bush Bridalwear is Surrey’s leading designer bridal boutique

How to get there – travel and parking information

If you’re thinking of attending but aren’t quite sure how to get to Ripley, here is some helpful information to make your journey a little easier!

_JMP0820ImageJuliet Mckee Photography

BY car

Miss Bush Bridalwear is conveniently located on Ripley High Street, just off the A3, less than 2 miles from J10 of the M25 and only half an hour from central London.

The full address including postcode is:
High Street,
GU23 6AZ

Click here to view On Google maps

public transport

The nearest train station is Clandon however most visitors travel to Woking or Guildford and take onward transport from there.

Public transport is adequate but not great for the evening, several buses run from Woking and Guildford – the timetable can be found here.

If you require a taxi you will be able to pick up one from the taxi ranks in both Guildford and Woking – ensure that you prebook one for your journey home to avoid unnecessary waiting around.


There is a small amount of on street parking available along the High Street. Alternatively there is parking on the village green, or the big free and unmarked car park. This is first left off Rose Lane, White Hart Meadows, after the British Legion.


Fancy a Sunday Lunch afterwards? We recommend…
The Onslow Arms – Clandon
The Black Swan – Ockham
The Talbot Hotel – Ripley

Find out more about Ripley Village at www.ripleyvillage.com